Thursday, July 13, 2006


Within a previous post you've seen yours truly Mz Mayhem being shot by the A.D with that pretty little stuffed kitty "Princess." Quite clearly you can see we've both been shot of us came out of the shoot with a much less life changing experience...of course not implying that the Art Director is a poacher that would be obscene! He is of course a grand photographer and she was shot long before we came into the picture! Now you can quite clearly see the humbling difference between our darling "Princess" (a taxidermists delight) and this much more alive tiger kitty I decided to take my chances with and befriend out at Tiger Canyon in Thailand. Hmmm, thank god she's a Buddhist tiger or I would have been up for a bit of post photo shoot taxidermying myself. Well alls well that ends well. In fact, if truth be known I almost didn't leave there. A magnificent place, serene and beautiful, harmonically in tune and guided by the all inspiring Buddhist people who keep things flowing peacefully.


Jane said...

With regards to the notorious Tiger Temple in Kanchanaburi, Thailand:
Following repeated complaints from tourists and volunteers working at the temple about tigers being shockingly mistreated there, Care for the Wild International (CWI) undertook an intensive two year investigation. The resulting CWI report reveals illegal wildlife trade, animal cruelty, false conservation claims and visitor safety risks at the Temple.

You can read the report at:

You can view the letter sent by the International Tiger Coalition to the Thai authorities protesting about the Tiger Temple here:

This issue has widespread media coverage:

CWI's press release - "Illegal tiger trade, cruelty and human health hazards at famous tourist destination":

"Black market tigers linked to Thai Temple, Reports says"
National Geographic News, 20 June 2008:

Mark Roy said...

Those Buddhists had us going there for a while!