Friday, July 21, 2006


Whilst the Art Director is being scraped off our tranquil Perth streets by dominatrixes with penchants for blood, gauze and traction, life is ambling along quite low key for Mayhem - apart from a random hold up at the veterinary centre where I work it's been quite smooth sailing... Then you stop and think and think again. Yesterday I was shopping with my straight, cross-dressing friend, fighting off stares of uncomfortable lady shoppers who seem to believe womens' clothing is made for novel, well mens' fashion shouldn't be so damn lame then. Not much else to report except perhaps the world is truly going to hell with all sorts of wars breaking out...doesn't curb the jet setting lifestyles of my best friends, Juliet who's living it up in Milan and Kris who's just landed in Mumbai. God bless them! The world may be falling apart, ants maybe falling into the cracks of the pavement but we're all still trucking! Heard an amazing interview on my journey to work yesterday with an artist from Lebanon, Mazen Kerbaj. He draws and plays the trumpet (with bombs in the background-ohhh the ambience) He says; "I have no problem with anyone, but generally disagree with everyone!" What a marvellous attitude, I share the same stream of consciousness. His blog deserves a link! Tomorrow there will be an adventure for adventures' sake...tonight we lay low, away from the dungeons and the wars. I raise my glass and salute... red wine. Mayhem Out.

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