Sunday, July 09, 2006


Art Director its Mayhem! So relieved to learn of your survival in the outback desert of Australia, a fine place it sounds to be sure! The blog is looking great! The greatest blog in the history of the universe once we get it up and stylistically functionable with a few pretty pictures.

The nights plans are unconfirmed back in sunny Perth. Perhaps off to freo to have a little look-see-hear at some bands playing in The Next Big Thing. If not off to get merry at a gay engagement, followed by an ex-boyfriends girlfriends banana party (I hope others have been invited...I don't exactly know what a banana party entails... I'd better drug myself before just to ensure I'm ready for everything)

Well good luck with the dreams & hopefully I'll have a little road trip of my own to write about for the next installment. Yes, it's that time of the year and a convoy has been rounded up to pilgrimage down to picturesque Balingup. I will be there primarily to cover the scarecrow festival and secondarily to soak up the scenery. Within the article I will be exploring the magnificent life-like nature of the scarecrows when on hallucinogenic mushrooms...another feature of the town. I'll also be pursuing whether or not there is a taxidermist amongst the population of this quaint little south western town...perhaps the inspiration of the entire festival, who knows??They're not particularly fond of city folk as I have discovered in the past so I'll be sure to prize off my stilletto's & whack in the billy bob teeth for this one. My cohorts will be Skotling (who's been having recurring nightmares about being abducted by alians of late) and Ewan his friend (who has recently been told he is not of the human realm by a psychic). Should make for an interesting trip!!!

Mayhem out.