Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Welcome to the first in a series of things to do in Albany. I will be your guide as we investigate ways to occupy your time while living on the beautiful Rainbow Coast.

Basketweaving is a very relaxing hobby which immediately comes to mind. However, if you have more of an artistic bent, and can arrange access to a pair of scissors and glue, you could collect some seashells from Middleton Beach and some old postcards, cut the nice bits out of the postcards, and glue them to the seashells.

I bought some clothes hangers the other day, which the old lady in the opshop had carefully and painstakingly covered with woven plastic and wool.

"Well, it's something to do dear, isn't it," she said.


Seng said...

Who would've thought that beauty could be found in such everyday objects! :-)

Juice said...

Hahhaha this post is a rip snorta, yuo summed up albany in a couple of short paragraphs.

Mate your blogging around the clock at the moment, I'll need to catch up!! <- I purposely used too many. :0