Wednesday, September 03, 2008


Yes, avid readers, it's yet another solo photographic exhibition from the Art Director.

The incredible travelling 'æther' exhibition is but one cog in the mighty machine that is the Great Southern Art and Craft Trail. It follows on from the overwhelmingly overwhelming Western exhibition, held in April at the Queen Street Gallery, Fremantle, as part of FotoFreo 2008.

The opening party, should anyone wish to partake, will kick off at Tigersnake Men's Clothing, Empire Building, 120 York Street, Albany on Thursday September 25. Crack a lager with Tigersnake owner Tim Shocker from 7pm. Just remember, it's Tigersnake, not Trousersnake. Wouldn't want to get those two mixed up.

Works will be exhibited at Trousersnake as well as Ryan Waugh Hairdressing, home to those heathen party animals who live downstairs at 6 Peels Place, Albany. And yes, you're welcome to roll out your swag under our stairs.

The luminiferous æther is a medium for propagation of light, thought in ancient times to fill the upper regions of space, beyond the clouds.

It will all make sense some day.

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Seng said...

Nice AD! Another show - but sorry that I will have to miss it (being up in Perth and all :-( ).