Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Skid row desert scenes, women covered in Davy Crocket skins, flights to nowhere and a man with a hat. Travel through eons of space and time only to find yourself broken and reflected in one of Mark Roy Coddington’s new photographic works, Aether, a display opening on September 25 at Tigersnake. His work will also be exhibiting at Ryan Waugh’s Hairdressing.

Mark cut out his eyeballs to replace them with camera lenses.

"It helps, I can steal images direct from my dreams. No more creative problems, but no more vision either."

That doesn’t worry this intrepid photo fiend as he finds ways of exploding even the most innocent victim into his cruel and crippled psyche.

"Human nature is merely a form of slavery to hide the beast. Behind every necktie is a beating, brutal heart waiting to explore the undercurrents of man’s internal world."

And that he does, with his photos illuminating the walls of the Albany shops into a haven of brilliantly technical photographic masterworks, a dead beat vision for tomorrow’s world. Peel your eyelids back and stare vacant into the photographer’s inner workings, his talent of years sprawled upon the walls for the remainder of the Southern Arts and Craft Trail.

Purchases can be made through gorepaniART gallery, phone Annie Brandenburg on 9841 4468.

- Dylan Garrett, The Newspaper arts writer


miCheLLeBLOG said...

I will check it out Mark. The one in the bolg is mysterious, interesting.

miCheLLeBLOG said...

Sorry about the dyslexic spelling, seems to be getting worse. Wanna hear my theory about the cortex of the brain and how creative people kind of 'weaken' the barrier between the left and right sides of the brain because they are continually flipping from one to the other?? There...you just did.

sarah toa said...

Can't wait to see it on the wall Mark x