Wednesday, August 09, 2006


: suicide, 2:37, and the banal maelstrom of existence

"Suicide is a waste of time." - Art Director

Nonetheless, it's an option. Wherein lies its appeal? We asked Romanian writer and philosopher, Emile Cioran, for his thoughts. "A vernal annihilation, culmination rather than chasm, death dizzies us only to raise us all the more readily above our customary selves, with the same privilege as love's, to which it is related in more than one respect: both love and death, applying an explosive pressure upon the framework of our lives, disintegrate us, fortify us, ruin us by the distraction of plenitude." [E.M. Cioran, The Temptation to Exist] Thanks, Emile, that's clarified things a little.

Suicides are the lucky ones. This claim is made by Melody in Murali K Thalluri's film 2:37. Melody is stricken by all kinds of problems. But are problems directly proportional to suffering? The relativism of suffering is one of the themes of 2:37. Others include the usual teenage problems of incest, rape, drugs, homosexuality, wetting your pants in public, suicide, pressures of school, and the piano duet.

For someone who recently attempted suicide, director Murali K Thalluri has more zest than bag full of lemons. In question time after the preview screening of 2:37, i try to ask which antidepressants he recommends, as i need a new script. But they won't let me near the mike, the incestuous flickophiles.

Go see 2:37. Believe me, there's worse things you can do with your time.


cuntmonkey2 said...

Art director... what the f***? Is this the result of your victual activities at that fine culinary establishment that we frequented earlier in the evening? Did the sight of the heaving bosom of your former colleague drive you to such introspection and fits of despair?

cuntmonkey2 said...

Aaaah OK, I've missed something here and reread your post...

art director said...

I've missed something here too i think. Who or what is a 'c***monkey?' What culinary establishment are you talking about? What former colleague?? What heaving bosom? Are you sure you have the right blog??