Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Yours truly Mayhem has returned! Yes I still exist within this mortal coil... and believe it or not I have multiplied like some bizarre coral creature to present you two Mels and yes we're both of the Scorpio description, rather similar in not only thought but appearance two ... strange days are these, now I can actually get away with talking in what sounds like third person and be in no fear of being whacked in a straight jacket, haa ha!!

Well, as always there's many a tale to be told, I emerged from the depths of some sort of prolonged derangement of the senses clutching smatterings of poetry, film clips and photographs only to share a few censored pieces of information which may or may not reveal anything about the excesses of life in the fast lane whilst careering down what can only be described at best as the Lost Hwy...or alternatively the Hwy to Hell. Under such circumstances it's very tricky to remember all that you may have possibly forgotten so whilst taking a pitstop to charge up the batteries and refuel (preferably with a neat scotch in hand) so I thought it best to touch base with Out of Range. A wise starting point to jog the mind if I do say so myself. Well, where would one begin? And where the hell will it all end? Someone once said life is about the journey not so much the final destination. I think that person had lost his or her marbles or was blatantly lying; it's like a ship without a rudder and we all know what happened to the Titanic (not that the rudder was the problem, it was the ice berg...and well its quietly cryptic but there's an analogy in that!)

Decisions have been made, wheels are in motion! It's official, it's off to Melbourne we go! Yes, the time has come to cross borders. Dan our camera man fled last week and we (the others) as the collective Mayhem Inc. are defecting from sunny Perth to join the likes of of the colourful and eternally inspiring others from the collective who left before us. This relocation is pending the completion of the Town of Vincent project ... unless of course we just take the money and run! No, that would be bad, obscene and very unprofessional, and A.D and I pride ourselves in our professionalism ... very serious folk we are ... everything to excess and like we concluded tonight fuck the rest! So what's been happening? Well I can't really say too much and certainly there will be no mentioning of names. The word criminy comes to mind but its all been internal, society at large has been left untouched, unharmed and only slightly shaken. Photos, shots, words that fall out, film clips, music, colour and general exploration that generally leaves you exhausted, drunk and on a curbside only to look up and find even though you're seeing double ... guess what? You were right! The only way to truly convey the two week lapse in journalism would be to make all your eyes bleed thought through a visionary spectacular of pictorial evidence and even then you wouldn't hear the soundtrack! I'll be hurtling some some pix into the blog, but not tonight. I have little energy, no broadband and am in dire need of sleep to gear up again for tomorrow's photoshoot antix with James. The weather forecast for the day is spectacular and the view from the edge is awe inspiring. Mayhem Out.

P.S. AD I promise I'll try not to be such a slack bitch and keep the blog morale high, though be warned....I'm heading over to MySpace and Deviant Art.Com in the very near future. Love your work as always, sweet dreams x

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