Thursday, February 08, 2007


Well, i guess we nailed these pics for the Crusty Demons. Looks like good fun, don't it? I can't wait to hurtle into space off this freestyle motocross ramp on a Vincent Black Shadow. No animals were hurt and no Photoshopping was used in the making of these pics - this is just what Mr Fungi Furniss does for a living. He has a ride sponsorship with KTM motorcycles and is sponsored by clothing manufacturer Anything Evil. AE's catchphrase is "Have you done Anything Evil today?"

Judging by the text message i got from Mz Mayhem, Anything Evil should be sponsoring her. More on Mayhem's amateur video editing sideline later ...

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Anonymous said...

Heavens to mercentroy... That demons got wings!!! Fucking amazing photos.... new empire is shaping up to be one of the most inarguably sordid ventures yet, I've fondly titled it,"Secret Service" I'm going to call our favorite lawyer and get him to write me up a 'cover my ass' contract...I don't need any heat...excluding of course the warmth that comes from stoking those crackling fires of hell...a mere contract couldn't possibly stave them off lol!
Mayhem Out!