Wednesday, February 28, 2007


While The Nerve's foreign correspondent Raoul reports direct from the bars on Soi Cowboy, Bangkok, Yours Truly the Art Director is tied up in Perth, doing a course in layout at The Newspaper. Lying back on a hotel bed at the SunMoon resort with fellow journalist Melinda Mayhem, i remark, "Now this is what i call layout."

It is a pity i am not on the Thai sojourn with fellow photographers Safari Bob, Das, and Raoul. But sometimes one's priorities must take priority. Like shooting, stealing, meditating, partying, and searching for Lost Animals.

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Mark Roy said...

wow i've just re-read this post and i have absolutely no memory of those priorities or what they refer to ... i guess priorities change over time.

Mz Mayhem, well, i remember her.