Wednesday, January 10, 2007


"On on," says Safari Bob as we break camp. We drive four hundred metres, then stop for a break. Bob strums the ukelele while i walk away into the bush to check on the zamias. They look a bit like a palm, but they're not a palm. They're a cycad. The trunk is more like a grass tree. The seed pods hang down underneath the leaves, large and heavy.

C, G, Gminor, C. Bob strums away on his Tiny Tim instrument. I tiptoe through the zamias. The soil is white and sandy. Grass trees, banksias, other strange unknown flora. I read somewhere that some of these peculiar native seeds will need a bushfire to get them to sprout. Very interesting, i think. I piss on a zamia and return to the truck.

"In the Wild with the Art Director," says Safari Bob.

"We should make a TV show," i say. "I could get a leather hat and, like, some Steve Irwin khaki shorts. We could travel all over the countryside, find strange and unusual flora and fauna, and then piss on it."

On on. We barely make it to the salt lakes before the homemade whisky kicks in.


Donstar said...

Let me guess....'We were somewhere on the edge of the desert when the drugs kicked in...........'

Mark Roy said...

I think i will save that line for the Gascoyne Dash in September. It is very "Mint 400". An assortment of offroad desert vehicles race 150km along the dry bed of the Gascoyne River.
Unfortunately i don't have a Vincent Black Shadow, so i am entering the 1976 Yamaha XS650, with pillion passenger Mayhem.
Fear and Loathing in Gascoyne Junction.
Break out the ether.

Anonymous said...

september it is! Looks like I'll be renting a red convertible

Demo Bob

Raoul said...

Well you will need good counsel... I'd better rearrange the schedule

Anonymous said...

Now that's a hot shot! Btw Demo Bob the vents on those red convertibles work a treat, just ask The Art Director lol

Anonymous said...

But of course it is a hot shot Mistress Mayhem, I put the hot into that shot. Grrrrr

Raoul,counselling will probably be required after the trip, but as long as I have crayons and paper the trip will be magic... as long as I don"t eat the crayons.

Yes those vents in them thar red convertibles, none be finer.... Damn pirates

Demo Bob