Sunday, September 03, 2006


My application to Asialink for a three month artist's residency in Bangalore is in. Hopefully by 2007 I will be writing to you from the wilds of Southern India, preferably from the seat of a Royal Ensign motorcycle, wireless laptop in hand. Living up to my application's claim that I push boundaries: "In my current artistic practice I attempt to push the boundaries between art and documentary photography. I do this through exhibitions of my own work, and by importing exhibitions of documentary photography into Perth. I am particularly interested in working with organisers of the FotoFreo Photography Festival in 2008, and assisting in their engagement with South-East Asia (see In July 2006 I set up a web log (see to explore the ambit of online photojournalism and implement new media in my artistic practice."

So that's what I've been doing in these pages, avid readers. Implementing new media in my artistic practice. (And you all thought I was just rambling). Bangalore. Bring it on.

We can but pray. Art Director out.

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