Friday, August 19, 2011


A good day for journalist is a bad day for someone else. Today was a bad day for a journalist.
Today i got news that three of ABC's finest were killed in a helicopter crash at Lake Eyre in central Australia. And news that an editor-in-chief i worked with in Phnom Penh is currently hunkered down in Kabul, Afghanistan, after an attack on the British Council. "It always looks worse from the outside." And in Misratah, our former editor of photography narrowly escaped with her life by untying her constraining ropes and jumping from one balcony to another after Libyan thugs took her hostage. "It's amazing the pretty colors a rifle butt, a fist, an army boot, and having your head smashed repeatedly into a concrete floor can produce. No camera left to take a proper picture though." But the cameraphone picture was horrifying enough.

Meanwhile, here in the Torres Strait, the tide came in this morning, and went out this afternoon. The only clear and present danger on Thursday Island is spraining a wrist falling out of a hammock, or being hit by a falling coconut whilst sipping a piƱa colada.

Of course coconuts kill more people than sharks. Sharks aren't stupid enough to sit under coconut trees.


sarah toa said...

I was listening to ABC in the car early this morn and had a sense of the steel of those folk announcing the news, still reeling. Very sad.

Mark Roy said...

You have a car with a working radio?

sarah toa said...

Yes, she even plays cd's, until she gets too hot. Johnny Cash hops and skips over the Ravensthorpe potholes.
Wanna come for a drive?