Wednesday, May 21, 2008



He was burly and sad and smelt vaguely of mutton. He handed me an apple and talked about fish.
“They’re not real salmon y’know. That was all Captain Cook’s fault. He looked at one and said ‘Well...they’re kinda like a big salmon really’ and the name stuck. They’re actually an overgrown herring.”
The fisherman looked to me for a response. Folds of skin nearly obscured his keen eyes. Scabby cancers colonised his nose. “You eat an apple just like I do.”
“Core and all?”
“Yeah...don’t those seeds taste good?”

- Sarah Toa

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Michelle Frantom said...

Just revisiting Sarah's debut on the cyber-waves (courtesy of her latest post). Great B & W images of her book launch Mark. Such a great thing turning up like that.