Monday, January 21, 2008


The steady thrum of the cicadas fills my ears as i cycle home. A giant full moon hangs over the hill, like a cheap replica of itself. It's dusk. A dog comes out, and chases me up the road, its tongue lolling. I take a left at the bowls club and coast down the hill to home. Another paper is on its way through the printing press, and all is right with the world.

Apart from the stock market crash, and the looming worldwide depression, of course. I scrunch the Malvern Star across the coarse river sand and into the front yard. What a great day not to be a share owner, i think.

Mickey T is back from his kitesurfing sojourn in Shark Bay, i see the old Pajero in the yard. With another boat on the roof of his trailer. The yard is full of boats. A Hobie cat, tinnies, plastic dinghies. And the fishing boat, the Godfather. Plus assorted kayaks and canoes. Yet another boat. This one is a squat aluminium job, with an outboard, barely as long as the 6x4 box trailer. Looks like it has positive flotation sides. It has "kitesurfing" stenciled on it in black. That's right, Mickey T is a qualified kitesurfing instructor now. This must be the rescue vessel.

The lights are out in the house; he must have collapsed somewhere. He's been gone a good week, camped on the beach with his trailer and a bunch of kites and students somewhere in Monkey Mia. It's a four hour drive back from the Bay. He'll be tired all right. I consider waking him to offer him a beer, but decide against it.

It's hot as the devil. That's why god invented airconditioning, i suppose. I crack open a Corona, and switch on the coolness. The news comes on, and tells me Australia has some of the least affordable housing in the world.

"I'd hate to be starting out now," some babyboomer woman is saying. "Houses and properties are just so expensive."

Oh well, so long as you lot have your four investment properties, your share portfolios, and your stupid big gas guzzling four wheel drives. I hope the crash lands you all on your collective greedy fat arses. I kill the set. It reminds me too much of the big converted bus i saw parked out at One Mile, proudly displaying the legend "SKIDRO", with matching SKIDRO plates, and the delightful handpainted phrase "Spending the Kids inheritance Driving Round Oz." How quaint. Selfish motherfuckers. So we're all headed for a recession now. So what. I've been practising living on sod all for 45 years now. I'll manage.

I certainly won't be relying on my superannuation, that's for sure. I've been saying it for years, and i'll repeat it here now, just for the record. There will be no superannuation for my generation. None. Nil. Nula. Not any, aught, beans, diddly, nae, naught, nix. Nothing, nothingness, nought, ought, zip, absolutely fuck all. A vacancy. Zilch. Zero.

The baby boomers will clear out the super funds, just you watch and see. That, combined with the fact that none of the speculative wealth of the share traders has any actual value in reality. It's all one big expanding pavlova. But the cream has already been skimmed off the top, even before it collapses and crumbles into one sticky, sickly mess. There are always the hyperrich few, taking vast profits of the top, either illegally, or in executive contracts and payouts, which if we had a government with any balls would amount to the same thing. Somebody recently told me that my "economic theories", such as they are, fit with what the economist Lyndon Hermyle LaRouche, Jr, has to say. I don't have any economic training, but i do have training in basic physics, and i know how systems implode. And i know you can't eat your money, or drink your share options.

"We have a bankrupt system," LaRouche said on January 18, 2008, "which is inherently bankrupt, in which the amount of monetary aggregate being generated to bail out—as you see the bailouts occurring today—to bail out an inflated, explosive mass of financial aggregate, has reached the point that it is now going to accelerate at such a rate, that the question is, whether the U.S. economy, under its present policies, will outlive this current year. People who think they have money, are going to find they don't have any. People who thought they had vast savings, will find out they don't have any. That's the kind of world we're living in."

Yes. People who thought they had beer, will go to the fridge, and find they don't have any ... oh, there's one Corona left. And lemons!

That's the kind of world we're living in. Full moons, Coronas and lemons. Ah, it's a grand day to be poor, for sure.

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Dewse said...

Mate good to read your back in Carnarvon. Colby and I called in on Aus day, only to see Mick stumbling out of the house mumbling something about “Kitsarf’in”.. Giving the impression he may have sunk a few before noon. At any rate, we gave the nod and left.. I was of the impression you would still be down south.. Pity! Anyway love your blogs. Dewse