Thursday, July 26, 2007


Six months after leaving Perth on the trek with Safari Bob, i'm still writing my way around the North West. Just got a call from Coral Coast mag wanting a restaurant review. Mmm, food. I had better write this one the day before payday. That's the day i usually have a slice of cheese for dinner. Doing a food review the day before payday is as close as i get to financial planning.

Still living hand to mouth.

Meanwhile, i've been abandoned by all those around me. My flatmate Mickey T is out at Mardathuna fixing the station roof, leaving me to my own devices. Devices like my new invention, the hands-free-burger-eating kit, which is coming along nicely thank-you-very-much. Got a call from ABC Radio this morning, wanting to talk to Mickey T about his tuna (see below). I thought of pretending to be him, and making all kinds of outrageous remarks, but in the end i thought i could never come close to the flagrant egregiousness of the real Mickey T in action. I gave them his number at Mardathuna. He will be on air tomorrow, talking tuna.

My son Alexei was up here for a week, hanging out with the freestyle motocross riders, but on Monday he got on the 4am bus and hightailed it back to Perth, back to the chemical factory, to resume manufacturing bug powder. He could be making $100k+ on the mines, but hey.

As they say, you can always tell a twenty-one year old. But you can't tell them much.

Meanwhile, Mz Mayhem left Las Vegas yesterday and should be back in the country by now. Mayhem claims she wants a job up here in Carnarvon. I suggest a job as our sports writer. Let's face it, that's how Hunter S. Thompson got started, and look where he ended up. Hmm, on second thoughts... i notice they are seeking a casual nurse at Dr Case's medical centre. Mayhem has extensive nursing experience. As a veterinary nurse, working with animals, sure - but hey, this is the North West.

"A casual nurse?" comes her text from Vegas. "Does casual mean removing my stilettos?"

So. I'm writing restaurant reviews now. Not really edgy, is it? Unless of course they have a bain marie.

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